Is your loved one abusing drugs or alcohol? — Then they absolutely need an addiction intervention

Act now. Don’t let it get worse. Don’t let it be too late

Substance abuse is a serious illness. Your loved one needs professional help and professional addiction intervention can make it happen.

Things are only going to get worse if you let their addiction progress. Stop enabling them, get them the professional help that they need. Their life is at stake

Do it while you’re still on time. Call (877) 245-2384

Together we can get your loved one out of their destructive path

We can help your loved one see the truth of what is happening in their life


Stop the cycle of addiction

Addiction is a disease that’s not immediately apparent.

It starts slowly and snowballs into a situation beyond anyone’s control. These are some signs of its presence:

  • Loss of employment
  • Legal problems
  • Overdoses
  • Unpredictable mood swings
  • Stealing things from home
  • Hanging out with questionable people
  • Loss of important friendships

Stop the pain and the heartache

Our intervention specialists are standing by to take your call and begin planning the intervention that could save your loved one’s life.

Call (877) 245-2384

You have the power to turn things around

Our Intervention Process

Planning stage
Call (877) 245-2384 for the initial consultation
Send payment
Confirm a date and discuss overall plans
Book travel arrangements
Once our interventionist arrives
Day 1: Preparation & Education Day
Day 2: Intervention Day
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