At Addiction Care Recovery Services, we have seen addiction’s effect on the family of the victim. The side-effects of substance addiction will impact both those directly involved, and the people around them. With your help, we can stop it.

How to help someone with addiction?

If someone you love struggles with substance addiction, you need to contact our team as soon as possible. Substance addiction is a progressive illness, delivering incremental side-effects over long periods of time and it can prove fatal in many cases. But its greatest strength lies in the fact that it changes the victim’s brain chemical functioning.

As a result, the victim will either become oblivious of the problem or simply refuse to act upon it. Denial is usually a conclusive symptom of those affected by addiction, even in the milder stages of the disease. Because of denial, many victims fail to receive the treatment that could save their lives. If one of your family members suffers from addiction, contact us today!

We will help stage an intervention during which our expert will talk to the patient and the family, with the purpose of inspiring change. The goal is to help the victim realize the dangers behind their behavior and how it affects them and their families. It’s a vital step in the rehabilitation process, as it helps break the denial and trigger a shift in the victim’s consciousness.

Do addiction interventions work?

Not only do they work, but they’re vital in the rehabilitation process. Without a successful intervention, there is no rehab to talk about, since the patient will refuse the help. Over time, addiction’s effect on the family will spiral out of control, causing discord and even separation.

To prevent that, we have a team of experienced interventionists ready to act today. Addiction interventions are that much more successful when the disease is in its infant stages. The more it progresses, the harder it will become to change the patient’s mind and use reason as a tool. For your loved ones’ sake, you need to act as soon as you see the first signs of addiction.

How much does an intervention cost?

Our service plan costs $2,800 aside from the additional travel expenses. Compared to the financial damages coming with advanced substance addiction, the price for salvation is actually mediocre. Victims may end up spending tens of thousands of dollars every year to fuel their illness, not to mention additional financial problems in case of drug-related offenses. Add to that the suffering and torment associated with the addiction, and the costs may become unbearable.

Addiction’s effect on the family includes the increasing financial burden, aside from the psychological ones. For $2,800, we can save your loved one’s life today – an act that’s worth more than any amount of money. And you need to act now!

At Addiction Care Recovery Services, we offer experience, compassion, respect, and a deep understanding of our patients’ needs. Call us and get the help you need today!

Addictions Effect On The Family
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