At Addiction Care Recovery Services, we work with the patients and their families to change the lives of those affected by substance addiction. Our alcohol abuse intervention is a vital step in the rehabilitation process.

Why don’t addicts seek help?

Substance addiction, alcoholism included, changes the chemical functioning of the brain, which, in many cases, leaves addicts unable to make the best decisions for themselves. Denial is the first stage of the problem, as those affected by addiction simply can’t accept their problems. When it combines with a sense of guilt, with shame, and low self-esteem, the results can often become catastrophic.

We realize that breaking this initial barrier is critical in starting the rehabilitation process. Our expert interventionists will take on the task of bringing the patient to the right path. The first step of getting professional help is also the most important one – acknowledging the problem and seeking assistance. If someone you love is in denial, you need our help fast.

The real danger of alcohol abuse

Alcohol abuse is dangerous not only because of its immediate effects, but especially the long-term ones. If left unchecked, the substance abuse behavior will evolve into full-blown addiction shortly, and it will only go downhill from there. Prevention remains the most effective way of dealing with the problem.

If any member of your family abuses alcohol regularly, it’s imperative to act soon, before the situation gets any worse. Since they will most likely be in denial, you will have little to no success in talking them out of it. The optimal way to approach the situation is to stage an alcohol abuse intervention and have an expert plan for several family meetings to discuss the issues and the strategies to adopt.

What is an alcohol intervention?

A planned alcohol intervention consists of a family meeting, in the company of a certified interventionist, whose goal is to help the patient acknowledge the problem, understand the implications, and accept help. The intervention is that much more successful as the patient’s condition is milder, which is why it’s vital to act as soon as possible.

In many cases, the victims are aware of the problem; it’s just that they are in denial and refuse all help. The purpose of an intervention is to bring up all the effects of their behavior upon themselves and those around them. Without it, the patient may never accept help, except when it is already too late.

Is alcohol intervention necessary?

Yes, it is. Discussions similar to those during an intervention already take place in every family where one or more members suffer from substance addiction. The results are not the same, however, because people either can’t identify the manipulative behaviors of the victims or they don’t know how to deal with them. Our experts will change that.

Our alcohol abuse intervention offers people the opportunity to face their problems and understand and accept their effects on themselves and their families. At Addiction Care Recovery Services, we work with you to save your loved ones’ lives.

Alcohol Abuse Intervention
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