Most people fail to realize that attempting to self-treat drug addiction is a losing battle right from the start. At Addiction Care Recovery Services, we offer a better alternative – a drug intervention specialist.

What is a drug intervention?

Drug intervention is the process of confronting the patient about the disorder. The reason why so many people avoid entering a rehab program is denial. As drugs alter their brains’ chemistry, they become unable to reason and make the best decisions for themselves. Many of them will keep their problem secret and resort to denial as their protection against those confronting them.

So long as they refuse to acknowledge their issue, the rehab process will invariably fail. They must not only understand their rapidly decaying situation but realize the effects of the disorder on the family members as well. If they can see the pain and suffering that the other members of the family must endure because of them, it will drastically change their perspective on things.

During the drug intervention, our specialist will make sure to create a friendly, open, and relaxing environment for discussion. The specialist’s presence is imperative as the expert can detect and combat all the manipulative behavior that most addicts resort to, including victimizing, denial, lying, diverting, etc.

Is drug intervention effective?

If everyone involved in the process sticks to the plan, the intervention will be a success. Our goal is not only to convince the victim that the rehab is the only solution but to bring everyone together as well. We know that drug addiction destroys family relationships, which will only exacerbate the patient’s mental problems. The presence of a drug intervention specialist will change the dynamics of the situation immediately.

We want to alleviate the tensions between you and the addict, as we promote forgiveness, acceptance, and mutual support. The most effective way of combating addiction is by allying with the patient and provide moral and spiritual support along the way. It will significantly increase the effectiveness of the rehab treatment, as well as preventing long-term relapse.

How much does drug intervention cost?

The two-day intervention, along with the initial consultation, costs $2,800. These costs may vary, depending on the travel options available for our specialist. Looking at the overall picture, this is an insignificant pay, compared to the benefits. Getting the addict into rehab is difficult, but nowhere near as challenging as preventing the relapse.

Many victims of drug addiction will relapse during the rehab treatment, while others will return to their damaging behaviors shortly after. We can help prevent that. Our drug intervention specialist will not only make sure that the addict gets all the help necessary but will save you plenty of money in the process as well.

Drug addiction is money draining, as addicts spend thousands of dollars monthly to keep their habit alive. At Addiction Care Recovery Services, we can fix these problems today. Call us for a consultation, and let’s start drawing the intervention plan!

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