At Addiction Care Recovery Services, we promote family intervention when it comes to addiction rehab. The victim of addiction can’t fight with the disease alone. In many cases, the addicts aren’t even capable of making any decisions in their own self-interest.

How to fight against addiction?

First, you must identify the early signs of substance addiction. Usually, the victim’s behavior will change, with more secrecy involved, financial problems, and visible behavioral fluctuations. Denial, lying, and emotional manipulation are also common tactics that the addict will use whenever feeling cornered or about to be exposed.

The sooner you identify the early symptoms of addiction, the better. We are talking about a vicious mental disease that delivers incremental effects and can cause death in the more severe cases. You need to act fast. The next step should be to resort to specialized assistance.

If the addiction is already set in, you will have little chance of convincing the addict to join the rehab. This is where we come in, offering our intervention services that have saved the lives of hundreds of people so far.

What is substance addiction intervention?

The intervention is the equivalent of confronting the patients and force them to face reality. Their addiction hurts them, as well as those who love them, and they need to hear that. They may already know it, but they need to hear it so that it becomes ingrained in their mind. In those moments, you want to have one of our experts with you.

When it comes to family intervention, we approach the process with calm, respect, and deep empathy for everyone involved. We know how brutal addiction can be, and how devastating long-term. When one member of the family suffers, the others will share that suffering. It only means that the recovery process should be a family effort above everything else.

How does addiction intervention work?

The process is fairly simple, as it consists of four steps:

  1. Contact us via our hotline for a thorough initial consultation
  2. Make the payment using one of our payment options available
  3. Discuss further details regarding the date, as well as the strategies-to-follow
  4. Book travel arrangements

The intervention process itself will last for two days, over two distinct sessions. The first one will include preparation and education, as the expert will discuss the options and the approach. The following day includes the intervention itself when we will talk to the patient and carry on with the plan.

Will the intervention work?

So long as everyone sticks to the strategy, it will work. The purpose of the procedure is to expose the victim not only to the dangers of addiction, but to its effects on the loved ones as well. A family intervention aims to bring everyone together, as it promotes acceptance, forgiveness, and moral and spiritual support.

Only then will the patient be ready for change. Contact us, at Addiction Care Recovery Services, and tell us your story! If you’re ready, we’re ready!

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