Family Intervention Services

Looking for family intervention services online? You've come to the right place- Care Recovery Services offers hope for families who have tried everything to get a loved one to seek help for an addiction but have not seen success. We help plan and carry out effective intervention meetings that lead to recovery.

Rehabs In Utah
Infinite Hope & Recovery
(385) 345-4115

Most of the rehabs in Utah offer a 30-day residential program before turning patients out to go back to their old habits and lifestyle. At Deer Hollow Recovery & Wellness, we don't believe that's in the best interest of our patients. Our recovery program starts with detox, followed by inpatient treatment, and offering the support of outpatient programs throughout the course of recovery.

Foot Balance Orthotics Kamloops
Balanced Foot Care

Balanced Foot Care is your single source for quality foot balance orthotics in Kamloops. If your feet have special needs or you have knee or ankle pain, we can help you experience greater comfort while walking or enjoying everyday activities without having to purchase wildly expensive footwear. Visit our Kamloops location to speak with one of our specialists.

Nuvet Plus
NuVet Labs has created NuVet Plus for dogs and cats that need special help with nutrition. NuVet Plus can help build a health immune system while fighting free radicals that are damaging to your pet’s health. Cold-processing of our supplements make them easy for your pet to absorb- so they’ll get the most benefit from its proprietary blend of ingredients.
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