A heroin intervention is an orchestrated attempt or process that is organized by a concerned group of people who care about the heroin user in their lives. Heroin addiction is a strong and deadly addiction, and many of us are losing loved ones to this toxic substance each year. Perhaps more than any other illegal drug, heroin causes more harm to its users and their loved ones, and that is why time is of the essence for heroin addiction intervention services.

How Do I Organize a Heroin Intervention?

Interventions should be performed by professional interventionists or counselors who have been trained in staging addiction interventions. Interventions usually take one of two broadly different approaches- a confrontational approach or an invitational approach. The confrontational approach is a much more widely used heroin intervention method because it's more effective than the invitational approach. A lot of people would argue against this, but addiction is a disease that impairs reasoning processes, and lots of research shows that the confrontation approach yields better results in interventions.

What are the Steps of a Heroin Intervention?

If you are in need of heroin addiction intervention services for your loved one, contact Care Recovery Services today. We will quickly form a relationship with you and learn exactly how heroin is affecting your family member and your family/group. Once we have a clear understanding of the dynamics of your situation, we may ask you to write a letter outlining the consequences of their addicted loved one's behaviors.

The next step is the ambush. Depending on the unique circumstances of any given case, not the least of which is the personality of the addicted person, we will organize an ambush. This could be done over dinner, a sports game, or anything else, as long as it's the right time and environment. The addicted person will think they're showing up for a family get together, but waiting for them is the family and a counselor.

The family will then begin to read their letters to the heroin user, detailing all of the harm and hurt that has resulted because of his or her heroin use. At the end of reading your letters, you can then outline a list of behaviors that are now unacceptable and will no longer be tolerated. This is where the family will outline their leverage. The leverage is the consequences that you as a family or concerned group will apply to the addict if they do not seek professional help, which will usually involve going to an inpatient addiction treatment center.

Leverage can consist of cutting off finances if possible, the involvement of custody/child services, or family support. Then, there will be a list of options for the heroin user to go to immediately. If you would like to learn more about Care Recovery Services heroin addiction intervention services, feel free to reach out today. Remember, addiction is a progressive disease and heroin is a powerful substance. Your intervention is a race against the clock.

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