If you would like to stage a potentially life-saving intervention for a meth user, you are in the right place now! Unfortunately, staging a meth intervention isn't as easy as recognizing the problem and confronting the person. In fact, that's a recipe for a failed intervention 100% of the time! Any time you're coordinating an intervention that revolves around compulsive behavior, such as meth use, you should follow the lead of a trained and experienced intervention professional.

One of the major benefits of having a professional interventionist helping you in organizing an intervention is neutrality. When friends and family members confront a person about their destructive behavior, the individual often becomes defensive and indignant. However, research shows that people are much more likely to be open to an intervention when a neutral party is present who isn't on one side or the other. A trained interventionist professional can effectively mediate the situation.

Does My Loved One Need an Intervention for Meth?

First, there are a lot of steps that should come before you decide to stage an intervention. First, you should have had at least one meaningful conversation with the person you're concerned about and their behavior. If you haven't, start with a kind, caring discussion, letting them know that you want to help them. If this is well-received, you will not need to proceed to stage an intervention.

If you get a lot of denials, resistance, and kickback from someone you are trying to help, and you fear that they are hurting themselves, you've probably stumbled upon a real problem! This kind of resistance suggests that they are struggling with something. At this point, a second conversation may be in order. One in which you simply point out for the person the types of difficulties they are creating for themselves- not for you or for anyone else- but for themselves.

If you've followed these steps and your efforts are still ill-received, it's probably time to stage an intervention. At this point, you might want to contact an expert such as Care Recovery Services to put an intervention plan together.

How Do I Do a Meth Intervention?

An intervention is when you gather a group of people who all care about the meth user and are all aware of their destructive behavior and confront them about it. By this point, you've exhausted friendly measures, for lack of a better term. At this point, you've now become confrontational by necessity.

During an intervention for a meth user, everyone should get together and tells the person how much they care about him or her. They should describe to the person how what they are doing is hurting themselves and lay out an action plan and the consequences for not following the action plan. The key here is that it's done in a caring manner, and there has to be some kind of consequence for there not being a change in the behavior.

Intervention For A Meth User
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