Not many people realize it, but alcoholism is sometimes more devastating than drug addiction. At Addiction Care Recovery Services, we offer an effective solution to deal with the problem – intervention for alcoholism.

What is alcohol intervention?

A professional alcohol intervention is the process of confronting addicts and seeks to change their perception of addiction and its effects on those around the victim. Addicts often fail to realize the impact of alcoholism on the loved ones. Alcohol addiction changes the brain’s chemistry and alters the victim’s thinking process, emotional functioning, and behavior.

Given enough time, the addict will begin to display erratic, violent, or paranoiac behavior, affecting the lives of all family members in the process. The obvious solution would be to sign the addict in an inpatient rehab treatment, but the situation is more complicated than that. Most victims of alcoholism will attempt to hide or even justify their addiction, and this is where alcohol intervention comes in.

It is the equivalent of a wake-up call, as our interventionist will highlight aspects like:

  • Alcoholism is progressive and deadly long-term
  • Addiction will impact the victim’s chances for a normal future
  • The addict’s behavior hurts the loved ones
  • The rehab process is effective and more comfortable than they think
  • The rehab treatment will open the door to a new life, etc.

It’s also vital for you, the victim’s family, to be present during the sessions. We will facilitate the open and honest discussion between you and the patient so that they can understand that you’re there to support them.

Will alcohol intervention work?

Our personalized intervention for alcoholism always delivers positive results. It all comes down to helping the victim face the truth that they’re too afraid to see. In many cases, they want to get help, but they fear the rehab or that others might judge them. Due to that, they prefer hiding their problem and struggle with it daily, which will sink them even further in anxiety, paranoia, and depression.

An alcohol intervention will come as a relief. Although it may not seem like it right now, addicts still care about the feelings of the loved ones. They only miss the courage to come out clean. Our expert interventionist will facilitate the process during the two-day intervention session, as you will interact with the patient in an honest, calm, and straightforward manner.

How much does an alcohol intervention cost?

The cost is $2,800 for a two-day session. It’s a mediocre price for saving your loved one’s life, especially when seeing how much money the victim will spend on the addiction itself in no more than a month. Over time, addiction will drain the addict’s finances, along with those of the family as well. For $2,800, our intervention for alcoholism will save the money, lives, and the happiness of all those involved.

If you need urgent assistance for someone you love, contact us, at Addiction Care Recovery Services today. We need to stage an intervention is as soon as possible.

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