At Addiction Care Recovery Services, we advise you to contact us immediately if you suspect a relative or a friend of abusing drugs. We need to stage an intervention for drug abuse immediately!

What is a drug abuse intervention?

An intervention consists of open, honest group discussions with the victim, looking to clarify important aspects of addiction, rehab, and about the future. It is a sensitive process since the patient will be in a vulnerable mental and emotional state. As a result, we need to approach the procedure with great care. Preparation is necessary in advance, during which you will discuss the plan of attack with our expert interventionist.

Because drugs change the brain’s chemistry, the victim may become extremely defensive during the procedure. Feelings like anger, paranoia, betrayal, and denial are common, and you need to know how to deal with them in a controlled manner. During the preparation, our interventionist will identify and counter the manipulative behaviors that the victim will use during the defensive state.

Is drug intervention effective?

Drug intervention is highly effective when performed under the supervision of a qualified professional. Otherwise, it can go south fast. While not all people react the same when confronted about their bad habits, most will display defensive behavior, which may jeopardize the procedure’s goals. The role of an interventionist is to predict and dismantle that type of behavior, forcing honesty, transparency, and acceptance.

A professional intervention for drug abuse is a wake-up call for the victim’s consciousness. If their harmful habits are merely in the beginning, the goal is to “force” the patient to correct them. We do that by highlighting the dangers of addiction, the long-term effects of drug abuse, and the impact of their disorder on those around them.

When it comes to substance abuse and addiction, everybody suffers, not just the victim. In case things have already gone too far, we’ll focus on convincing the addict on the necessity of the rehab. The sooner they’ll accept to join the rehab treatment, the faster their condition will improve.

Is drug intervention expensive?

The cost of our services is $2,800 for the two-day intervention. This price is nothing compared to the benefits. When ignored and left untreated, drug abuse will quickly evolve into full-blown addiction, which has the potential to ruin many lives along the way. The victim will end up spending a fortune to entertain a disorder that will destroy them, their families, and everyone they love.

A two-day intervention has the potential to change everyone’s lives for good. You need our expertise to guide the process and ensure the success of the procedure. Don’t wait for our loved one’s habits to grow out of control! Contact us today, and we can stage an intervention for drug abuse immediately!

We, the team at Addiction Care Recovery Services, promote family unity above everything else. With our help, you can save your friend, lover, or relative from the brink of destruction and you can live a healthy, happy life together. Reach us via our hotline, and let’s begin!

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