If you have a friend or a relative that struggles with substance addiction, you need to contact us, at Addiction Care Recovery Services, immediately. The presence of an interventionist could be life-saving.

Preparing for rehab

The preparation for rehab refers to confronting the addict’s problem, overcome the resistance, and break down the manipulative behavior that most addicts will use as a defense mechanism. We call the preparation process an intervention, which delivers the best results when under the guidance of an expert. However, experience has taught us that it’s not just the direct victim of addiction that should come under scrutiny.

In many situations, it’s the patient’s relatives or friends themselves that enable the addict’s harmful behavior, keeping the addiction alive and preventing the recovery. The phenomenon is called codependency – a behavioral condition which makes some family members or friends emotionally dependent on the victim. At this point, everyone’s good intentions may have dire consequences, since codependent people are unable to make rational decisions anymore.

Our expert will address this problem and more during the intervention process, making sure nothing will sabotage the addict’s chances at recovery. We advise you to reach to our team of specialists today and start planning the intervention fast!

Staging a successful intervention

The success of the intervention depends on multiple factors, but it mainly comes down to carefully planning the entire process in great detail. Our interventionist will help you with:

Preparation – Prior to the meeting, we need to clarify several aspects, including the time, place, and date of the intervention. It is during this phase that you must also provide our experts with vital information about the addict’s condition and state of mind so that our team can adjust the intervention accordingly.

Confronting the victim – You must have many things to say to the victim and you should. Brutal honesty is vital because it disarms people and forces them to respond in kind. Our expert can guide you in writing down all the things you’d like to touch upon during the intervention.

Follow-up strategy – If the intervention is a success, the addict will begin the rehab treatment in a high-end facility. In case the addict resists the intervention and denies the treatment, we need to devise the follow-up plan, because failure is never an option.

Is addiction curable?

Yes, but not in the classic sense of the word. Although you can defeat substance addiction, the risk of relapse will remain. To embrace sobriety as a way of life, you need to adopt radical lifestyle changes, including in nutrition, workout routine, social activities, etc. What’s important to remember is that you cannot beat the disease on your own.

In the primary stages of the battle, you will need the help of an interventionist. The expert will bring harmony to the family, help the addict accept the treatment, and promote honesty, unity, and healing. Addiction Care Recovery Services offers support for treating both addiction and codependency while repairing the relationships between the addict and loved ones. Call us for a life-changing experience today!

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