If you feel like you’ve done everything in your power to convince your loved one to join the rehab, but always failed, it’s time to stage an intervention. At Addiction Care Recovery Services, we provide an elegant and effective solution to your problems.

How to plan an intervention?

The first step is to contact a reliable and certified institution and get the help of a professional and experienced interventionist. While some interventions could work without expert assistance, most of them don’t. The presence of a professional is imperative for identifying and dismantling the manipulative behavior that the patient will put forward.

Since the addict is unaware that an intervention will take place, the initial reactions may be extremely unfavorable. The addict may become defensive and display feelings of anger and frustration, along with a sense of betrayal and strong opposition. In this context, the presence of an interventionist will help calm the situation, and provide everyone with a peaceful environment to discuss and connect, emotionally and spiritually.

What can go wrong during an intervention?

The first thing that could go haywire is for the intervention to fail altogether. It has happened before, and it can happen in your case, if the addict will simply refuse the treatment, despite all the collective efforts. But the fact that the intervention fails doesn’t mean all hope is gone. There is still a way to fix the problem, so long as everybody sticks to the plan.

It is vital to avoid giving in to the addict’s manipulative behavior. You should understand that there will be attempts of manipulation in an intervention. The patient will try to appeal to your empathy and manipulate your emotions, seeking support in any way it may arrive, including financial. That will only make things worse. By giving in, you will only perpetuate their addiction, and ensure the ideal environment for the substance abuse to continue.

Even if the initial intervention fails, there is still hope for making things better. Our interventionist will provide all the support you need to succeed in your endeavors and save your loved one’s life.

How to make your intervention successful?

To ensure the success of the intervention, the planning stage is critical. That’s when you will share valuable information with our specialist, including the severity of the problem, the addict’s personality, the family dynamics, etc. All this data will help build a personalized intervention procedure with a high possibility of success.

Before proceeding to stage the intervention, however, you must convince yourself that you will do whatever it takes to save the person you love from addiction. This will often require ceasing all moral and financial support, so long as the victim keeps resisting the rehab treatment. In a way, much of the success of the intervention depends on you, the addict’s family.

Manipulation in an intervention is common, which means you must have an expert on site to deal with the problem. Addiction Care Recovery Services, offers experience, respect, and a deep understanding of human behavior. We will tilt the balance in the right direction.

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