If you’re ready for paying for rehab to save your loved one’s life, you must make sure that the addict is ready to begin the treatment. At Addiction Care Recovery Services, we have seen many people refusing treatment, as they become defensive about their problem.

How to help an addict in denial

Denial is common among the victims of substance addiction and the only way to counter it is by resorting to specialized assistance. Denial is part of manipulative behavior, along with anger, victimization, and deflection, that works to the person’s demise. Most addicts enter a defensive mode, whenever confronted about their condition, either out of shame or because they fear the rehab.

The stronger you insist on confronting the victim, the stronger the opposition, which is why we advise you to tackle the situation intelligently, rather than using brute force. Stage an intervention and allow one of our experts to take control of the situation! An intervention will force the addicts to face reality, acknowledge the suffering they’re causing to their families, and accept the rehab treatment as their only salvation.

Are interventions effective?

Yes, no doubt about it. When performed under the supervision of an interventionist, the success rate is almost guaranteed. The main goals of the intervention include:

  • Promoting honesty and transparency
  • Allowing the addict to face the truth behind their behavior
  • Expose and destroy the manipulative behavior of the victim
  • Address problems like codependency and enabling behavior
  • Convince the addict of the necessity of the rehab treatment
  • Restore the family dynamics back to normal

If you’re ready to make everything you can to save the addict’s life, before paying for rehab, you must know that the intervention can fail. It doesn’t happen too often, but it does happen. Despite all our efforts, some addicts can still refuse the treatment, and this is when you need to stay strong for their sake.

If you give in to their requests, you will only enable their addiction and further their demise. We advise you to stay true to your words and stop supporting the addict’s harmful behavior. It is the only thing that will force them to reconsider their situation.

Are interventions expensive?

Our intervention services cost $2,800, which includes payment for the preparation, elaborating the strategy, the intervention itself, and the follow-up plan. Our expert will also recommend fitting rehab facilities that will meet the addict’s needs. Years of substance abuse will not only destroy the victim’s life but will also lead to financial problems, since this is an expensive disease. Being compulsive, it means that the victim is unable to stop; getting money for the next drug dose or drink becomes imperative.

Paying for rehab and setting an intervention asap will save everyone a great deal of suffering and money. It is vital, however, to contact us as soon as possible. Substance addiction is a fast-progressing illness, and you must act before it gets any worse. Our success, at Addiction Care Recovery Services, grows with every life we save.

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