If someone you care about struggles with substance addiction, you may need to stage an intervention asap. At Addiction Care Recovery Services, we provide the best intervention services in the business, along with experience, and a deep understanding of human psychology.

Planning an intervention

Before preparing the intervention, you need to make sure you need one. Victims of substance addiction will usually keep their problem a secret and deflect any attempt to confront them. They do that by resorting to manipulative behavior like lying, victimizing themselves, and blame everyone else around them. When this type of behavior becomes visible, the intervention becomes a necessity.

The procedure itself will last no longer than two days, during which you will participate in family counseling sessions along the patient. The purpose is to help the victim realize that:

  • Addiction is progressive and deadly in nature
  • Overcoming the disease is an impossible task without joining the rehab
  • Patient’s family and friends are caring, supportive, and ready to provide their help and assistance
  • The patient’s addiction affects everyone else as well
  • The patient’s behavior hurts the loved ones
  • Life after addiction will flourish, etc.

The ultimate goal is to change the victim’s perspective on reality and understand that the rehabilitation process is a must. It’s the only way they can get their life back and their family and friends will accompany them along the road.

How to help someone struggling with addiction?

The first thing you need to do is seek professional assistance. Many people don’t even realize how manipulative the victims of addiction can become. Since they can no longer think straight, their behavior will change dramatically, as they will keep their problems a secret, and avoid all confrontations on the subject.

It is at this point when you will need to stage an intervention fast. Substance addiction is a disease with deadly potential, and it delivers incremental side-effects if left untreated. The patient’s only chance at defeating the disorder is by joining a professional rehab program, where they will go through detox, psychotherapy, and extensive aftercare support.

The first step, however, is convincing the patient of the necessity of the rehab. For that, we advise you to refrain from confronting the patient yourself. Contact us instead, and our experts will put together an intervention for immediate results.

What is the cost of an intervention?

Our services cost $2,800 for the two-day session, which is an insignificant price, compared to the benefits. Without exacerbating the effects, the intervention has the potential to save lives. Not only that, but it often represents the spiritual binder between the victim of addiction and the loved ones.

The addict will spend a fortune to entertain their harmful habits, with dire consequences. For a limited amount of money, you can avoid all the fallout of long-term substance addiction. Stage an intervention today, and save your loved one’s future!

You can contact us, at Addiction Care Recovery Services, and tell us your story! We will gladly walk you through the process of planning an intervention and get things moving fast.

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