Addiction Care Recovery Services offers a simple, but effective solution to dealing with victims of addiction who refuse the treatment – personalized intervention. A life-changing experience with outstanding benefits long-term.

What is an intervention?

An intervention is a planned therapeutic meeting that will bring together everyone close to the addict, including friends and family members; anyone who can play a role in bringing the addict to the right track. Substance addiction is extremely vicious, capable of producing extensive physiological damages. But the reason why we fear it the most is the fact that it changes the victim’s personality.

Long-term addiction will drastically alter the chemical balance in the brain, distorting the victim’s perception of reality. It is not uncommon to see people refusing treatment, even when their condition is deteriorating fast. At that point, an intervention becomes almost a moral obligation.

Since you have no other way of convincing your loved one to join the rehab, staging a professional intervention is your only other option. With our interventionist’s help, things will change fast.

How does the intervention work?

The procedure relies on exposing the addict to the full effects of their harmful behavior. It is clear that addiction doesn’t only harm the victims, but their friends, family members, and everyone close to them as well. Things only get worse when the addict refuses all forms of treatment, allowing the disorder to progress and aggravate.

The intervention will deal with the problem by promoting introspection, honesty, and a form of brutal awakening. Many victims of substance addiction are unaware of the impact their actions have on those around them. They don’t know that their friends and family suffer along with them. They also might not realize that some of the people they love may have become codependent.

The process of intervention will show addicts that:

  • Everyone else is suffering because they refuse the treatment
  • They are not alone; their families love and support them in recovery
  • The rehab treatment is the only salvation
  • Their addiction will only get worse
  • If the addict doesn’t accept treatment, everybody will withdraw their support, etc.

It is a detailed and compelling procedure that will force anyone to face the consequences of their choices and better themselves. And our expert will be present to ensure the success of the operation.

What if the intervention fails?

When that happens, because it could happen, it is imperative for everyone to keep with the plan. If you have threatened the addict to withdraw your emotional and financial support if they refuse the treatment, you should stay true to your word. The addict must realize that there are real consequences to their behavior and actions.

What is an intervention? It is a process of emotional growth and maturity, where everybody must face the naked truth, no matter how uncomfortable. We will help you deal with codependency, and save your loved one’s life at any costs. Contact us, at Addiction Care Recovery Services, and let’s stage an intervention asap!

What Is An Intervention
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