What Is An Intervention

What is an intervention? Simply stated, an intervention is a pre-planned, staged meeting where friends and family lovingly confront an addict in an effort to get them to seek help for their addiction. Care Recovery Services is considered one of the best intervention agencies to call for help in planning a loving confrontation with someone you care about. What Is An Intervention

Salt Lake City Drug Rehab

Salt Lake City Drug Rehab
(801) 783-4813

You've found the best Sale Lake City drug rehab for residential and outpatient programs. Deer Hollow Recovery & Wellness exists as a full continuum of care that begins with detox and doesn't stop until you feel it's time to move on. We're here for you at every step in the process of recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction.

Round Rock Optometrist

  While many eye doctors don’t accept walk-in patients you’re always welcome to walk right in to the Round Rock Optometrist at Master Eye Associates. You don’t need an appointment for an eye exam, contact lens exam, pink eye treatment, glaucoma and diabetes eye care, LASIK consultation or other red eye treatment. Visit MasterEyeAssocialtes.com to see the location of their 7 convenient offices. Master Eye Associates

Childhood Abuse Treatment

Arlene Drake, PhD
10780 Santa Monica Blvd Ste 450
Los Angeles CA 90025 US

Arlene’s process of de-victimization consists of specific steps, homework, and is goal oriented. There is a beginning, middle and end. Arlene Drake, PhD
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