If a person close to you struggles with addiction, and you’re ready to stage an intervention, contact us, at Addiction Care Recovery Services today, and one of our interventionists will take your case! An interventionist is a specialist who should participate in an intervention to guide the meeting in the right direction.

What is an intervention process?

An intervention is a counseling session orchestrated by the addict’s family or friends, with the purpose of convincing the patient of the necessity of the rehab. The presence of an interventionist is critical due to the volatile nature of the situation. During the procedure, the expert will guide the discussion to address vital aspects like addiction dangers, rehab, family strength, and long-term recovery.

Seeing how substance addiction is a rapidly-progressing disease, we advise you to act as soon as possible. It’s that much easier to perform the intervention successfully when the addiction is in its primary stages. As the disease progresses, complications will appear fast, making the recovery process that much more difficult.

Is drug intervention effective?

When performed under the supervision of an expert interventionist, the procedure is highly effective in repairing the family dynamics and steer the patient to the right path. The interventionist’s presence is vital for preventing and dealing with the victim’s manipulative behavior.

Since the patient is unaware that the meeting will take place, the addict’s reaction will usually be negative. Emotions like anger, frustration, and betrayal are common as the patient will enter a defensive mode, trying to evade responsibility and get out of the situation. Denial is also a tactic that most patients will use to their advantage, in an attempt to minimize the severity of the problem.

At the same time, family members may have grown frustrated with the situation, after repeatedly failing to use common sense to correct the victim’s behavior. We know how stressful it is to have a family member that refuses not only the treatment but acknowledging the problem in the first place. Our interventionist will defuse the situation and promote intelligent and open discussion in a controlled, neutral setting.

Can drug addiction be cured?

Addiction is curable in the sense that you can live a normal, clean life post-treatment. What you must understand is that the term “cure” has a different meaning when it comes to addiction, compared to other illnesses. Substance addiction has no cure in the classic sense of the word, where the treatment will eliminate the disease for good. There will always be a risk for relapse to look out for, so long as you stick to the same lifestyle and indulge in the same habits.

In this sense, to cure substance addiction refers to adopting a healthier lifestyle, along with a multitude of preventive measures. And it all begins with a professional intervention, which will set things in motion fast. Contact us today, learn who should participate in an intervention, and ask to stage one soon! At Addiction Care Recovery Services, we believe in second chances.

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