What is Codependency?

The definition of codependency is, an excessive emotional or psychological dependence on others. The truth is that as humans, we are all dependent on each other in certain ways. Think about it, families wouldn’t be able to function without working together and supporting each other. But what happens when our dependency on others becomes unhealthy? And what happens when one of the individual involved is suffering from a substance use disorder?

Well the answer to this is different for every person. But truthfully, addiction and codependency affects people in many different ways – all of which are negative. The difficult part is that some codependent behaviors can seem like good and healthy ones.

Some try to meet every demand that the addicted loved one has, only to find that they are in the same unhealthy cycle over and over again. As you can imagine, things can quickly become very toxic and eventually, a change in the dynamic of the relationship would need to be made. Surprisingly though, people live in these unhealthy and toxic relationship cycles for years. We are here to tell you, that you don’t have to. The first step of dealing with a problem is identifying it, so are you codependent with your addicted loved one? Take our quiz and find some answers today.

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Healthy Vs. Unhealthy Relationships

Healthy Relationship

  • Your self-esteem does not depend on the thoughts and opinions of others.
  • You are able to assert your needs in the relationship.
  • You are able to express yourself without fear.
  • Your life is not consumed with the issues and problems of your addicted loved one.
  • You are able to assert healthy boundaries with your addicted loved one.
  • You understand that you are not responsible for your loved one’s addiction.
  • You would rather be alone, than in bad company.
  •  You understand that you are not a victim and that you have choices in your relationship with others.
  • You are loyal, but you will not be loyal to a fault.

Unhealthy Relationship

  • Your self-esteem depends on what others think of you.
  • You are not able to get your needs met, let alone assert them in a healthy way.
  • You fear to express your needs and wants.
  • Your life is consumed with worrying about your addicted loved one.
  • You believe that somehow you are responsible for your loved one’s addiction.
  • You are loyal to a fault – you stick around your addicted loved one, even after getting hurt many times because you are afraid they will leave.
  • You worry about your addicted loved one so much, that it interferes with your day to day life.
  • You make excuses for your addicted loved one.
  • You give in to all of your addicted loved one’s demands.

Seek Help for Codependency

Let’s face it, it doesn’t feel good to be in a codependent relationship. Seeking out help for yourself can help you live a better life. It is detrimental to anyone’s well being to give so much power to another person that it seems that the world will crumble without them. But that is exactly what codependency feels like. When dealing with someone who is in active addiction, this problem gets worse because of the tendency of those struggling with a substance use disorder to manipulate. If you have codependent tendencies, you are truly working against yourself and leaving the door wide open to these types of manipulations. Codependency can even help perpetuate the individual’s problem with drugs and alcohol, if your addicted loved one knows that you need them and won’t leave them, no matter what they do, they will continue to drink or use without thought. Seeking out help and support will result in amazing changes to your life. Often, as humans, we get so used to our own unhealthy patterns and we don’t see the need for change. Addiction Care Recovery Services knows that you and your addicted loved one deserve better. You both deserve to build a healthy relationship that you can be proud of.

Codependent Families

Family members who are codependent rarely realize there is a problem. If you are educated on the codependency symptoms and know what to look for, it can be frustrating to try to convince someone else of their codependency. Codependent relationships are hard to make address, unless someone is willing to set boundaries. Setting boundaries in a codependent relationship can be extremely difficult. At Care Recovery Services, we \know that in order for a person to recover from drugs and alcohol, the codependent behaviors on the family’s part must be stopped. Addiction intervention can help make that happen, as long as the family is willing. Without willingness to take the interventionists suggestions, there is not much that can be done. If you are interested in helping your codependent family find a way out, call us today. If you yourself realize that you may have some issues with codependency and it’s not helping your addicted loved one to get better, call us! We offer free and confidential over the phone consultations. Codependency can be addressed, boundaries can be enforced, and a new dynamic can emerge.

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