Finances shouldn’t be a deterrent when it comes to seeking drug and alcohol treatment for your loved one.  Fortunately, there are many options available to cover the costs of treatment and a solution for every budget. While insurance doesn’t cover the cost of intervention, it may cover the cost of treatment.

When it comes to drug and alcohol treatment, there are many different types of programs and levels of care. The level of care that is right for your loved one depends on his or her own individual needs and history of addiction. You want to get your loved one into a treatment program that is going to help him or her the most.

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We can help you ensure a successfull intervention

We provide professional intervention services to get your loved one into treatment. We offer the guarantee of lifelong support for everyone involved, so you can feel secure about the future.

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Options for paying for rehab

The options for paying for rehab include: insurance or payments through financing. If you have insurance, we can find a treatment center that makes the most out of your coverage. We encourage you to not be afraid to call us because we do have options for each and every budget. Finances shouldn’t keep your loved one stuck in a cycle of addiction. Call us today and let our specialists guide you. You will not regret making the call.

Our intervention specialists do all of the heavy lifting when it comes to planning the intervention from start to finish. It is the job of the interventionist to find your loved one a treatment center that suits his or her needs and finances. Our interventionists work hard to make sure that they find the proper treatment center for your loved one.

We can help you ensure a successful intervention for a loved one

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Part of staging the intervention is having a treatment center lined up and ready to go before the intervention day. Our interventionists do not want to risk the chance of having any waiting period after your loved one says “yes, I’ll go to treatment”. Our interventionists know that it is in your loved one’s best interest to go ahead and leave that very day if possible.

Give us a call today and let us walk you through this entire process from start to finish. Getting your loved one to say yes to treatment as well as finding a treatment center that suits all of your loved one’s needs and wants can be a daunting task as there are thousands of treatment centers to choose from.

Luckily, our interventionists are ready and available to help you figure out the options that your family has for getting your loved one into drug and alcohol treatment. There is no better time to start planning out your loved one’s treatment and stage an intervention that is going to save his or her life. Finding your loved one adequate drug and alcohol treatment to suit his or her needs is included in the intervention service fee.

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