A drug and alcohol interventionist is a trained professional that has years of experience in helping families and their loved ones find solutions to addiction.

An interventionist can persuade an addict to say yes to treatment and help families establish boundaries that will help everyone involved start on the road to healing.

An interventionist’s roles are many, but the main objective is to break down the walls of denial your loved one has put up around their addiction. Interventionists know that admitting they truly have a problem is the first step on the journey of recovery.

Does your loved one need help?

We can help you ensure a successfull intervention

We provide professional intervention services to get your loved one into treatment. We offer the guarantee of lifelong support for everyone involved, so you can feel secure about the future.

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Work Together With an Interventionist to Save Your Loved One

If you are committed, an interventionist will get the ball rolling immediately and begin working with you to plan an intervention to save your loved one’s life. The interventionist will do all the heavy lifting in the process of staging the intervention and finding an effective treatment center to match the needs of your loved one.

The role of the interventionist is to help facilitate the intervention, ensuring that communication is controlled in a healthy manner. An interventionist also keeps the distractions to a minimum.  The message that an interventionist must ensure is conveyed is the love that your family has for the addicted individual and the concern of how urgent the need if for treatment.

We can help you ensure a successful intervention for a loved one

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Is the Intervention Really Going to Be Effective?

Your loved one’s life is in danger. The problem is, your loved one may not see it that way. It’s the job of the interventionist to make sure that they understand by the end of the intervention. Our interventionist will also make sure that your loved one knows just how much he or she is loved by family and friends.

Highlighting the support and love they will receive from everyone if they make the right decisions is essential.

Our interventionists take the role and responsibility of preparing you and your family seriously. Fortunately, and unfortunately, intervention specialists have seen it all and know how to deal with those who put up a fight or try to manipulate the situation.

In fact, an interventionist knows how to identify specific manipulative behaviors and how to respond to them. It is the role of the interventionist to teach the family how to identify and respond to these manipulative behaviors as well, beforehand.  Our interventionists will make sure you are fully prepared on the intervention day.

Don’t Let Addiction Destroy Your Family

The role of the interventionist to take the blame and shame out of the equation. We will help your family understand that you are in no way to blame for your loved one’s addiction. Trust us to be there for you and your family when it matters most. Let our interventionist strategize with you and your family on the best way to get your loved one into treatment. Let’s work together to make an intervention plan that is sure to work. Call us today!

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