Your Loved One Can Overcome Cocaine Addiction

Narcotic prescription drugs are prescribed to treat many conditions.  If these medications are taken as prescribed, issues usually do not develop.  For some, however, taking prescription pills sets off an addiction.  

Prescription pill abuse has, unfortunately, become common in the United States. If your loved one is abusing their medications, the last thing you should do is wait to intervene. When your loved one first starts showing signs of addiction to their medication, you need to step in.  

Studies show that the earlier an addiction is intervened on and treated, better the chances of recovery.  

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Signs of Prescription Pill Addiction

The signs for prescription pill addiction depend on what type of medication your loved one is taking. Opioid medications like oxycodone and morphine make people sleepy, with pinpoint pupils, and itchiness. If your loved one is addicted to stimulant medications such as Adderall or Desoxyn, they will be alert, hyperactive, talkative, and sleep minimally. 

While there are major differences in the effects, behavioral characteristics of prescription pill addiction can be the same no matter which drug is being abused. Such as frequent calls to the doctor to fill early, or claiming they lost their prescription.  Some people will finish their 30-day prescription in less than 7 days.  

 If you’re seeing these signs, don’t wait to intervene.  

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Don’t Wait to Intervene On Your Loved One’s Prescription Pill Addiction

Myths about addiction do exist. Usually, they continue to be spread by well-meaning people who do not have a true understanding of addiction. One is that for treatment to be effective, your loved one must want it. This myth is dangerous and waiting to act means your loved one’s life hangs in the balance. And in the meantime, you continue to subject themselves to dealing with the chaos of addiction. 

We want you to know that your family doesn’t have to live like this anymore. No matter how scary it may seem, stepping in and intervening now is always the best option. Addiction will only get worse for those who do not see the error in their ways. 

Also contrary to what people say, your loved one does not have to reach rock bottom to be able to get better. Allowing someone to continue in their addiction with the hope that they will eventually reach rock bottom is dangerous. Often, that “rock bottom” is death and no family wants that for their loved one. 

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Why Intervention is Effective for Prescription Pill Addiction

Intervention is effective because it unifies the family to work towards a common goal. The goal is to get your loved one into treatment.  Our interventionist will cover everything you need to know from start to finish. We know that paying attention to the details and planning the intervention properly makes all the difference.  We consider who should and should not be in the intervention. We go over all of the manipulation tactics that you and your family should look for. If your loved one refuses to go to treatment, you will have a back-up plan of the things that need to change. In 1 out of 10 interventions, there is a flat out refuse to go to treatment. If your loved one refuses, the actions your family takes after the intervention make all the difference.  

Our interventionist will cover all of this and more with your family. 

Prescription Abuse Can Turn into Illicit Drug Use

Another important reason why you should intervene is that your loved one is at risk of developing an addiction to street drugs as well. For example, those who abuse prescription stimulant drugs such as Adderall have a high risk of moving onto using crystal meth, which is cheaper and stronger. Those who are addicted to opioid prescription drugs have a danger of resorting to the use of heroin.  These scenarios especially happen if for any reason their physician no longer wants to prescribe the medications. 

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