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Do you think your loved one has an addiction and needs an intervention? If you’ve just started exploring intervention options, you may be wondering about the actual cost to stage an addiction intervention. Read on to learn more about intervention and treatment costs.

Benefits of Addiction Intervention

As you probably know, an addiction intervention is when loved ones—like parents, a spouse or friends—gather on the same day to meet with their addicted loved one to discuss how the addiction has taken over his or her life. Some addicts are in denial, so they don’t see how reliant they are on their drugs.

Those doing the addiction intervention have the choice of having an interventionist present. They help guide everyone through the loving process of supporting their addicted loved one and convincing them to get help before it’s too late. As National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence states, over 90 percent of addicts seek help when they’ve had an interventionist present at the intervention.

That’s a pretty high percentage and a good sign an interventionist knows what they’re doing. Of course, that doesn’t mean its fail-proof and works every time. Having an addiction intervention will help the addict see what they’ve been too blind to see before.

Finding the strength to seek treatment is the first step in a long-term process. He or she doesn’t have to want to get better before going to treatment. That’s why addiction intervention can be so crucial to an addict’s recovery process.

Costs of Addiction Treatment

Substance abuse treatment is less expensive than sending an addict to jail or prison. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the yearly expense to care for a prisoner is $24,000.

Yet a year of methadone treatment would only cost $4,700. However, every addict’s recovery treatment is different; some might be longer than others so the costs for each addict may differ.

There are some choices the addicted family member needs to make after the intervention. They can go to a rehabilitation facility and start the process or they can go to Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings if they lack the funds for rehab at the time. Use anything and everything you can to begin the recovery process.

Going to rehab or AA meetings will save addicts a lot of heartache in the long run. Their addiction might spiral out of control, they could lose their job, their family or even lifelong friends who care about them. There’s only so much a person in your life can take when it comes to behavior when the addiction changes who your loved one once was.

It might cost a lot of money to seek treatment at a rehabilitation facility, but it’s a lot less expensive than a lifelong addiction that can result in death.


Getting Your Life Back

Don’t waste any more of your time being stuck in a place where your addicted loved one is alienating him or her self. Take a step towards one day reconciling with all your loved ones by seeking treatment.

One beneficial advantage of seeking help is that it’ll enable your family member to become healthier than he or she was before. Many addicts suffer from depression, HIV or other medical issues that will harm their bodies if left untreated. Don’t spend another night worrying yourself about the lack of medical treatment; consider an intervention for help!

Another positive aspect of getting the help he or she needs is eventually getting your family back. If your spouse left you, show them that you still care. Or if you have kids, bringing the family back together may motivate you into never giving up while in the treatment process.

Treatment can be a long process but having the patience to go through with it all the way is worth getting reuniting your family. You’ll have to stay vigilant even after treatment because addiction is a lifelong disease; going to AA or NA meetings will be another part of your addicted loved one’s permanent lifestyle.

Consider the Alternatives

If your addicted loved one doesn’t decide to seek treatment, the alternatives are detrimental. He or she could get busted with whatever drug is stashed in their car and go to jail.

It probably won’t stop there and he or she could end up in jail a few more times after that. Either way, it’s likely he or she will spend years of their life behind bars, leaving everyone they love to go on without them.

Another alternative is waking up in a hospital someday in the future with no one in the waiting room. They could overdose and almost die alone.

If they keep on this path of drugs and kicking out everyone in their life, they could end up in a hospital with more medical complications. Finally, there’s the alternative where they end up dead somewhere.

There are many ways an addict can die—they can die from an overdose, where they use or drink too much that they poison themselves to death; their drug dealer, who’s tired of them not paying, might take his anger out on them. There are plenty of ways things could go wrong when it comes to being an addict.

Having family or other people in around could help them reach out for help. Treatment may even be considered an ultimatum for family members who are only willing to bring back the addicted family member if he or she is willing to undergo a treatment program.

Don’t wait around until they’re facing a five-year sentence, or in the hospital because of an overdose or HIV. Go to the best interventionist near you and help them make the decision to change their life for the better. Take a look at our pricing and process page to get an idea of what costs are associated with our intervention services.

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